Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Take me back

Gordon Smart reveals that Robbie Williams is starting to think he might have been a little hasty:

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has given his biggest hint yet that he will rejoin TAKE THAT

Really? What did he say?
“I’d love to be in the band again but I’ve got some unfinished business of my own.”

Thank God we've got experts like Gordon on hand to unpick subtle hints like that, eh?

Williams bangs on about how well he's getting on with the guys again - having laughs that hurt his belly, that sort of thing, and it's all quite touching were it not for the lurking suspicion that Williams is not so much fond of his former band mates, as aware how fond the nation are of Take That.

If the prospect of Robbie Williams sniffing round his old mates wasn't surprise enough for this morning, Gordon's new intern might make your jaw a little slack. Yes, today, for perhaps one day only: Alan McGee writes for Bizarre. Sorry, that's:
The man who discovered the Gallaghers

It's a fairly bog-standard trot through the Blur versus Oasis feud, which concludes:
I think it’s great for music that both Oasis and Blur are playing gigs next year.

Is it really, though, Alan? Or is it just good for people who hire out those massive TVs and sell tabards with "Steward" printed on them?

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Anonymous said...

Yes Alan it's great for music that a band like Oasis are still around trotting out the same crap over and over and giving other bands the idea that this is somehow good for music. Great.

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