Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Plant Pine, Queen told

Amongst those getting the chance to mumble "of course, it would be rude to turn down such an honour" in this year's prizes from the Queen for doing a job you're already well-paid for: Robert Plant, John Martyn and Courtney Pine.

Martyn scores an OBE, Plant and Pine get CBEs. Nobody is quite clear why there'd be a difference, but clearly there is, as there's nothing in any way random about the way these things are decided.


Jack said...

Presumably they went on the Queen's charts.

Robin Carmody said...

Oddly enough, the Financial Times suggested circa 1970 (yes, that long ago) that if the Beatles had been awarded MBEs for their export achievements, so should Led Zeppelin. But it would take until someone who was probably listening to Page, Plant et al at Fettes College in 1970 entered Downing Street for pop/rock honours to really become commonplace. No problem with that, of course - the only problem I have is the pathetic way that man so clearly thought that to honour such people was as anti-establishment as listening to Led Zeppelin in such an environment genuinely was in 1970, whereas by the time he was doing it it was (as it will always remain, now) a fully-embedded part of Britain's elite culture.

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