Monday, January 19, 2009

6Music: Where do they get their ideas?

After their last campaign - which, for some reason, thought that showing people George Lamb would bring in a new audience - it was nice to see the latest 6Music trail that had a bit of inspiration to it - a graffiti-beast snorting up sounds in its long snout, animated on the side of a white-washed wall.

Trouble is, as Abeano have pointed out, this looks somewhat less inspired when set alongside the work of artist Blu. To which it bears an uncanny similarity...

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Jim W said...

Shurley "Where did 6Music's ideas go"?

The joys of listening to it a few years ago are now replaced by the pain of blandness. But is that the fault of increasingly dull geetar music becoming the mainstream sound or can we still blame George Lamb for everything?

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