Monday, January 19, 2009

Jonathan Ross: The Daily Mail is unsatisfied

Since the rest of the world has drawn a line under the Andrew Sachs phonecalls business, it falls to the Daily Mail to keep the flame of fake outrage burning:

Jonathan Ross is refusing to bow to pressure for a public apology for his part in the obscene phone calls scandal.

That's quite stubborn of him. You'd have thought a public apology would have been the very least he could do. He should follow the example of Jonathan Ross, who apologised publicly back in October:
"I am deeply sorry and greatly regret the upset and distress that my juvenile and thoughtless remarks on the Russell Brand show have caused.

"I have not issued a statement previously because it was my intention and desire to offer an apology to all those offended on my Friday night programme.

"However, it was a stupid error of judgment on my part, and I offer a full apology."

So what the Mail really means is that Ross is refusing to apologise every time he appears in public. Which isn't quite the same thing at all.

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