Friday, January 16, 2009

Boy George: Keeping mum, keeping Mum happy

The puzzling decision of Boy George to not offer the obviously plausible explanation for what the escort was doing chained to his wall has been explained by his brother, David. I say "explained":

His brother David said the troubled star told him: “I know the likelihood is I’m going to prison, but I couldn’t do it for mum’s sake. She’s dying.

“The only reason I didn’t give evidence was for her. She’s been through too much in her life already.”

While that's touching-shading-into-heartbreaking, it doesn't actually make any sense, does it? It implies that George could have cleared up the whole silly business, but the explanation would have been more upsetting to his mother than the idea that her son is a vindictive idiot with anger issues who chains male escorts to his walls and who is going to prison as a result. It's hard to imagine a proof of innocence that could look worse than that, surely?