Friday, January 23, 2009

Darkness at 3AM: Answerable questions

A picture of Agyness Deyn in a denim jacket prompts the 3AM Girls to ask:

Have you ever seen anything as 80s as this?

Erm, yes: Police beating up miners at Orgreave. Ronald Reagan yelling "honey, I forgot to duck". Morten Harket wearing those strappy leather things. Madonna releasing flawless pop. Number One magazine. Trailers for Connie with Stephanie Beacham on TVS. The whole of the year 1987.

Why do you ask?

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James said...

Bless them. In the same week that Virgin run a major TV ad campaign which includes references to the Miners' strike, huge mobile phones, Our Price, Big Country, Wimpy bars, red stilettoes, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, leggings, massive hair and Charles Saatchi in large square glasses, they print a photo of a woman in a denim jacket and say "Have you ever seen anything as 80s as this?"

I think I have, yes.

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