Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Also available in glossy

Unbelievably, Bizarre has carved a second day's lead story by simply copying stuff out the new edition of Vogue.

Gordon's team are still working on recycling the Cheryl Cole interview, but it's possible that by tomorrow Gordon will be working up a think piece around David Bailey's Women In Uniform photo feature.

Today, Cole's surprising hump that Victoria Beckham didn't send a muffin basket when Ashley was cheating on her is the focus of the ctrl+v article - for some reason, Cole seems to think that Beckham was expected to rush to comfort her because:

“She was in my hotel room during the World Cup — we’ve had barbecues together. So I was quite shocked by that.

“I mean, DAVID’s mum is friends with Ashley’s mum.”

Right. So you'd shared a badly-cooked hot dog and a squirt of French's mustard, and you thought that was the basis for marriage counseling - despite, erm, the family being closer to your errant husband than to you? You don't think that even if Beckham was in any way connected to you, she might have concluded that - given the mother's positions - it was wiser to keep out of it?

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James said...

The odd thing is that this 'story' was reported by those keen newshounds at Digital Spy yesterday. But then I suppose Gordon had much more important news to report on then, such as that exclusive investigative feature 'Americans May Struggle To Understand British Woman's Vernacular If She Starts Talking Like Someone Doing a Bad Byker Grove Impersonation'.

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