Saturday, January 03, 2009

Springsteen: Superstore On The Edge Of Town

Karl T emails with news of Bruce Springsteen's plans for his Greatest Hits album:

It's a while since I've listened to any of his stuff, but I'm sure that Bruce Springstein has written at least two albums of dirges about big business muscling mom-and-pop operations out of business, and the death of small town America that follows. It's heartening, therefore to hear that he's taken a stand and is refusing to allow his greatest hits package to be released through Wal Mart.

Oh, wait. Hang on, that should read 'his greatest hits package is only going to be available through Wal Mart'. The fucker.

And that girl he pulled out of the crowd during the Dancing in the Dark video? Total set-up.

Having heard his Santa Claus Is Coming To Town once too often during the festive season - which, actually, could be just once - being condemned to WalMart might just be too good for the man.


Anonymous said...

And that girl he pulled out of the crowd during the Dancing in the Dark video? Total set-up.

1984: Brian de Palma directs the Dancing In The Dark video featuring a young Courtney Cox. All in the public domain right from the get go. "Total set-up"? Please elaborate.

PeterDee said...
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PeterDee said...

Its a joke Stan, the video implied that she was just an ordinary fan who was pulled up randomly, the joke of the piece was not only Bruce flogging his wares through Wal-Mart but the video was a set up too. It was, but as is the case with this blog, I wouldn't take it too seriously, its worth noting also that Noel Gallagher isn't really a lemur

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