Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Andy Bell's slipping a crusty cobbler to the Cheeky Girls

Andy Bell isn't just a pretty face. When he's not gyrating in a rubber-tight tshirt, he's flogging bread in Rye:

I help out at this market stall in Rye and we get the Cheeky Girls coming to buy bread. They haven't got a clue who I am, I was thinking that hopefully the penny might drop because they've seen me on TV or something. How sad I am - I thought maybe I should make them a CD of suggestions of songs that would be good for their voice. Some people do recognise me when I'm working on the stall, and they think that I'm not making music anymore and that's my new thing.

Given that David Van Day was flogging hotdogs along the coast in Brighton a couple of years back, you could start to put together a good meal from 80s pop stars if you live in Sussex. Perhaps Marilyn is offering his clotted cream up in Ditchling.

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