Monday, February 02, 2009

Because, OMG, it was, like, a mystery or whatever, Leona

Go on... admit it, you'd been wondering before MTV asked the question:

Leona Lewis Explains Why 'Gossip Girl' Hunk Chace Crawford Stars In Her Video

Yes. Why has someone whose label is desperate to prove is more than a one-song Wanda in the US market had someone popular parachuted into appearing in her promotional video? Why, Leona, why?
"I'm a big 'Gossip Girl' fan," she told The Associated Press. "I love that show. I just love it. We get it back home [in England], but it's like one season back, so it's kind of hard to catch up, but I love it."

She just loves it. That's why. She was always talking about Gossip Girl, wasn't she? Couldn't shut up about it when she was on The X Factor. Chance Crawford's presence in the video isn't, in any way, an attempt to try and spark some interest in her new record. No no no.

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