Sunday, February 01, 2009

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Given that the Millennium Dome is now styled as the O2 Arena, it might seem a little late to complain about the creep of sponsorship across the venue, but this does seem a step too far:

Coca-Cola has signed a sponsorship deal with O2 arena-owners AEG Europe to become “official pouring rights partner” at the London venue.

What, exactly, is a "pouring rights partner", official or otherwise?

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Olive said...

official pouring rights partner

I may be wrong, but part of the deal will involve the right to eject people wearing the wrong logo from the arena during televised events.

In 1996 I was ejected from a venue hosting part of the Atlanta Olympics, because I was wearing a t-shirt that didn't bear the logo of a major sponsor. The fact that I was part of the coaching staff wasn't sufficient reason to allow me to stay...

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