Monday, February 02, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Gordon in the mountain

So, in aid of charity, Gordon Smart is about to go up Kilimanjaro. And come back down again, unfortunately, although I'm sure if enough people put in a tenner to help the kiddies, he might be persuaded to stay there.

So far, we've only had the launch but judging by how that's been milked to fill out Bizarre, we're in for blanket coverage. And quite right too - this is, after all, for charity. And nothing to do with Gordon hoping to follow the Piers Morgan career path:

On February 27, Gary [Barlow], RONAN KEATING, CHRIS MOYLES,BEN SHEPHARD,CHERYL COLE, KIMBERLEY WALSH,DENISE VAN OUTEN, FEARNE COTTON, and ALESHA DIXON will be setting off to Tanzania to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro.

If he was actually up the mountain, we'd be able to put that dodgy spacing down to altitude sickness.

It is quite an impressive line-up - at least three of those people have actual lives to put on hold to do the climb. And how nice for Cheryl Cole and Gordon to be clambering up the side of a slippery, hard, rocky thing after all the work Gordon did to try and wreck her marriage last year.

Still, everyone was nice to each other at the launch event:
But at the launch on Thursday, the team were in determined spirits to do summit worthwhile to raise a mountain of cash for an absolutely brilliant cause.

Hang about... on Thursday? Even for an event that Gordon takes part it, in takes him four bloody days to get it in the paper.

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