Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ghost for President

Can this be right? Epic have appointed a songwriter to be President of the company?

Alright, it might only be Amanda Ghost - whose credits sit on the more disappointing parts of I Am Sasha Fierce, the theme toon to Journeyman, and You're Beautiful - and President of Epic, being occupied territory, means being a puppet for the Sony organisation. But still: a musician in the boardroom. A proper musician.

Ghost has already praised the Sony overlords:

“I’m not a conventional choice as an executive in the music business, but it is testament to the new mood at Sony where content is now king and the music business is being put back in the hands of creative talent such as myself," says Ghost. "I’m here to draw on my experiences as an artist, songwriter and producer to make the new and existing artists signed to Epic as brilliant and successful as possible”.

She has run a label in the past - Universal gave her her own imprint, Plan A, for a while back in 2006. Which managed - as far as we can tell - just the one release. Almost certainly a bar which she will leap now she's at Epic.

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Olive said...

It's always great when musicians get to sit with the grown ups. I remember Feargal Sharkey saying... oh.

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