Friday, February 20, 2009

INXS: Reversal of fortune

Winning a reality TV show - that's the route to fame and fortune and, at the very least, not living like a tramp in a lay-by, right?

Of course not.

JD Fortune, who won the chance to replace Michael Hutchence in INXS, is now living in a car in Canada. He says the band kicked him out with no warning, dumping him at Hong Kong Airport and he's had a bit of trouble since then.

The band, of course, deny it.

Actually, they don't:

A spokeswoman for the group said she could not comment on Fortune's sacking, as did band member Kirk Pengilly's fiancee Layne Beachley when contacted by Confidential.

You've got to love the surprised tone that "the fiance of someone in the band didn't have a comment to make". Presumably, there wasn't enough time to seek a response from the cousin of the guy who does the printing for the band's accountants, either?


Anonymous said...

It's becoming apparent that jd is lying and it's catching up with him. He keeps changing his story. Lives out of his car - oh no did't mean that lives with some friend. Left at Hong Cong last time with inxs. No, wrong again according to Kirk Pengilly's log he keeps and has kept for decades. His solo album do out soon and he is publicity hungry. What a lot of people he threw under the bus and blamed for the idiot he is.

Martín said...

Hi there! Let me correct you: JD don't replace as singer to Michael Hutchence (R.I.P. 22/11/1997), JD replaces Jon Stevens (aussie too) who plays with the band since 2001 upto 2003!

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simon h b said...

Hi Martin.

I know what you're saying is factually correct, but nobody ever sat around going "Jon Stevens has left INXS, however will they replace him?"

Of course, nobody has ever really replaced Hutchence; although they do invite people to fill-in.

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