Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sarkozy pinches MGMT tracks

Nicolas Sarkozy has been keen to take a pro-music business line on filesharing, with the Three Strikes law being implemented in France and dim views taken on copyright material being used without strict permissions in place.

Which makes it a ll a little, uh, awkward that his Union pour un Mouvement Populaire party has been using MGMT's Kids in its rallies and adverts without permission.

(There can't, surely, have been many bands to soundtrack both a Skins finale and a right-wing attempt for re-election?)

[UMP Secretary General Xavier]Bertrand was quick to respond, promising that MGMT will be paid. "The UMP is very respectful of copyright," he said in a statement. "Compensation has to be expected ... and we are presently looking at whether the band was fairly compensated." Bertrand said the use of the song at meetings was arranged with SACEM, a French rights agency, and the band ought to receive payments through that body.

Aha! This is an interesting clarification - it's fine so long as you intend to pay at some point in the future. It doesn't, however, answer the more pressing matter of implying an endorsement from an act who hasn't endorsed you?

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Robin Carmody said...

These things don't matter to Sarkozy, nor do they matter to anyone who espouses piratical Anglo-Saxon neoliberalism - he wants to use this track because of its origins and because it's a red rag to those who don't want France to become a colony of Angrael. You wonder why I sometimes wish I'd never fallen in love with pop?

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