Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vera Lynn takes on the BNP

There is a downside to songs coming out of copyright, then: you can't stop them being hijacked by fascists. Vera Lynn is angry that the BNP have put two of her songs onto a compilation of songs that are raising funds for their "political" doings.

Perhaps showing the slim grasp they have on history, the BNP have included White Cliffs Of Dover - although you have to admit there's a certain irony in the BNP circulating music which soundtracked the defeat of slightly better organised fascists. Let's hope it has the same effect.


Anonymous said...


"Hertfordshire MEP backs Vera Lynn's fight against BNP

ONE of St Albans' MEPs is calling for the law to be changed to stop the far right British National Party (BNP) using Dame Vera Lynn's famous wartime songs.

Labour's Richard Howitt said: ““It’s shocking that the BNP can use iconic songs like The White Cliffs of Dover without the artist’s permission and against her wishes.

“I am saddened that a song popular with a generation who fought Nazi ideology is now being used to raise money for use against people who share their politics.

“Dame Vera is right to seek action against the BNP and Labour MEPs will do our best to support her.

He and his colleagues will try in the spring to persuade the European Parliament to extend copyright to last for a performer's lifetime.

The BNP is raising funds for its European election campaign by selling a CD including Dame Vera's hits such as All Alone In Vienna and The White Cliffs Of Dover. "


- Does this cretin and his Labour colleagues not realise that copyright endures for 70 years after the performer's death, and Dame Vera is still very much with us!'_copyright_length

The CD couldn't have been legally produced without copyright royalties being paid.

How did such an imbecile as Richard Howitt manage to get elected?

Olive said...
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Olive said...


- Does this cretin and his Labour colleagues not realise that copyright endures for 70 years after the performer's death, and Dame Vera is still very much with us

Er, no it doesn't. Copyright on a recording expires 50 years after the recording was made. The copyright of the writer lasts for 70 years after his death.

simon h b said...


If you're going to start using caplocks to call someone a moron, an imbecile, a cretin and an idiot, you might want to check your facts. Oh, and perhaps have the courage of your convictions and not post anonymously.

It is true, that, it's disappointing that the far-right are playing into the hands of those who would extend mechanical copyright.

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