Saturday, February 28, 2009

You could almost feel sorry for Lily Allen

Given the way she moaned on about being featured by OK, you'd probably be a bit surprised that Lily Allen has no problem being interviewed by the Daily Mail. Perhaps some told her it was a very prestigious newspaper - you know how much she loves those.

It didn't go well, sadly. Oh, the gentle plugfest passed by happily enough. The problem for Lily, though, is the headline albatross attached to the neck of the piece:

Lily Allen: Why I've got the hots for Boris Johnson

She's got the hots for the world's most useless mayor? And is going to not just reveal this, but explain the reasons? Let's pull up a chair, shall we?
I quite fancy Boris Johnson, even though he's a Tory. He's very funny and charming.

Oh. So it's not "I have the hots for" - it's "heh, he's kinda cute". And not much on the why, either.

You could almost feel sorry for her. Almost.


duckie said...

The Mail probably paid her for the interview, unlike OK. The exchange of cash is becoming a recurring meme in Allen's whingey interviews, such as her recent complaint about "not earning anything from CD sales", a highly dubious claim in my view. Either she's got the most inept legal people in showbiz, or she hasn't yet earned back a massive signing advance, or her management have told her a few porkies about where her spending money comes from.

Olive said...

Maybe they couldn't be bothered with the paperwork, Lily.

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