Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From Ash to Bat For Lashes

As twittered by Sweeping The Nation earlier, Charlotte Hatherley has taken work with Bat For Lashes:

I'm happy as Larry because the music is so ACE and i not only get to play heavily chorused guitar a la The Cure, but get to play throbbingly fuzzed up bass, keyboards and twinkly bells.

The good news, though, is that she's not skimping on the stuff she does under her solo banner, either:

You may be wondering where that leaves me and my third solo album Cinnabar City...we-he-hellll next weekend i am making a video for the first single 'White' which is going to be AMAZING. No, really you must take my word for it. I am learning the song backwards which is incredibly weird and will be having paint thrown at me from all directions, whilst wearing a super sci-fi white dress. Think a happy Carrie from the future. I'll also be getting a whole load of new photos done and have gotta do a full make over of all my websites. I'll be blogging about the video next week and putting up pictures and videos of me getting splattered.

White is due for release over the summer, and the album will be out in September. I'll be doing solo festivals, and then will properly on the road Sep/Oct/Nov through to 2010. Jesus, 2010 looks weird written down. It's an impressive looking year. It looks very likely i'll be touring the States with Cinnabar as we've had loads of interest, this record is really striking a chord over there. Australia is also looking good for 2010 release.

September is not so far away.