Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gordon in the morning: How it happened

Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams? In the same place? At the same time? Gordon is excited. Over-excited:

In what has to be fate, Rob and GARY BARLOW have found themselves working in the same London recording complex.

That has to be fate, doesn't it? Surely? I mean, it couldn't just be coincidence or anything?
Rob is beavering away on his comeback album with top producer TREVOR HORN at Sarm Studios in trendy Notting Hill.

For confused Gordon followers, that's "London's trendy Notting Hill".
Meanwhile Gary is guiding his protege GARY GO through his latest sessions just down the corridor.

He's got a protege called Gary Go? Really? Was that because Mini Me had already been done?

Gordon can't see how this can't help but mean the pair working together again:
I’ll bet my boots the pair’s creative juices start flowing together over a brew in the canteen.

I know he didn't mean it to sound mucky. It's like these things just come spurting out when he imagines Gary and Robbie bumping into each other over and over again as they go up and down each other's corridors.
Who knows what plans they might cook up behind the studio’s blue walls.

Who knows? Gordon allows his imagination to run wild:
[The] studio tea lady should be getting along equally well with Gaz — I reckon he’s a builder’s tea with milk and two sugars man.

The highlight of the piece, though, comes not from the word processor of Gordon, but from the Sun's Photoshop boffins. They've gone all modern, doing a mock up:

Yes, this is:
Could it be magic? ... how Google Street might have captured Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow at Sarm Studios

I thought at first Gary was putting out the rubbish, but - to be honest - I wasn't really looking at him. I only had eyes for Robbie's head. What the hell has happened to him?

Elsewhere: do I need to link again to the Press Complaints Commission code rule that Smart breaks by publishing long-lens photos of Rocco Ciccone for no reason other than the fame of his mother?


James said...

how Google Street might have captured Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow at Sarm Studios

...if someone had pressed the wrong button and, instead of blurring people's heads, had enlarged them until they look like those grotty football figurines sold at motorway service stations.

Mikey said...

Where is London's famous 'Google Street' ? I've looked all over Google Maps and even using Street View I can't see a thoroughfare called 'Google Street'

Anonymous said...

What's with The Sun and google street view? I don't read the rag so I only have the internet to go by but already this morning I saw an article on Digg pointing to some laughable photo the paper had up of flying saucers. Have they got the work experience person fiddling with google maps all day trying to find stuff for printing? Is it just cheaper than filling the paper with photos from stock?

James said...

Anonymous - I assumed the mention of Street View was either;
a) Gordon showing us how his finger is on the pulse with all these new fangled computery things (it reminded me of Simon Amstell on Buzzcocks saying "Next week, we'll be doing a joke about Amazon.com! We heard about it on Skins..."), or
b) He wasn't going to mention it, until his 'computer boffin' admitted that his Photoshop skills didn't extend as far as hiding the white line (hard to believe, considering the seamless job he's done with the heads).

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