Monday, March 16, 2009

Nectar remember they have a music store

Nectar - the Tesco Clubcard for people who don't shop at Tesco - launched a music store a few months back, quickly securing a position as the music download destination which people look most surprised about when they remember it exists.

Now, though, they've decided to try and build some sort of market share, and are doing so with a free Alesha Dixon track and a competition where you can dance with her.

That's actually dance, it's not a euphemism.

Alesha Dixon recently helped Chris Moyles to get to the top of Kilimanjaro, so maybe she's viewing 'making Nectar a music destination' as the next level of uphill challenge.

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James said...

I'd enter, but I don't like my details going into their evil database that helps them target their marketing at me. If they found out I'd danced with Alesha Dixon, I'd soon be bombarded with coupons offering 200 points if I performed the can-can with one of Cleopatra.

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