Thursday, March 12, 2009

Noel Gallagher is just so cool about not being cool

You'd have thought that if you wanted to shut Chris Martin up about the environment, you'd ask him about his SUV or private plane. Not if youre Noel Gallagher, though:

"He said: 'Why do you think it's cool not to care?' and I said, 'Well, I don't think it's cool, I don't think I'm being cool.'

"I actually couldn't give a fuck about what's going on outside my family: me, my missus, my two kids and my mam, and her parents... that's it, for me.

"Other than that, it's not my problem, but that's not to say you shouldn't care about it!

"Each to their own and I'm glad there's people like that. But I just like to look after my own."

Happily, Noel doesn't live in the same planet as anybody else, and his family will somehow not be affected by the changing climate. For some reason. Perhaps his guitar will somehow deflect... something...
... live in the forest... forage for food... he's not just showing off like a teenage kid affecting not to be bovvered, no...


Robin Carmody said...

In February 1996, Martin Jacques appeared on 'Peter York's Eighties' and commented that, rather than being any kind of reaction against the previous decade, the mid-1990s were in fact a grand-scale *consolidation* of '80s values, specifically in the form of their adoption by the political organisation that had previously been so resistant. For Oasis fans at the time, this would have been a form of blasphemy, but who can dispute now that he was right? The extreme form of aggressive individualism believed in by Noel Gallagher always was far closer in spirit to, say, Go West's "Don't Look Down" than anything the Beatles did.

Not that Chris Martin (down for at least the MBE in June 2010, no doubt) is any better, of course.

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