Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paris, to a man, mutters they preferred Stuart Sutcliffe

TMZ just can't believe it:

He's only a member of the biggest band like, ever, so how the hell can Paul McCartney walk around Paris and not have a single soul look his way -- let alone approach him for an autograph?

Could it be because, perhaps, Parisians are a hell of a lot cooler than TMZ?

Although if not a single soul looked their way, who took the long lens picture?

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Paris-Insider said...

Paul McCartney is also getting older. He looks less and less like the old Beatles pictures. The younger generation tends to learn "history" by looking at pictures from the era at which these stars were at their zenith. It may be that he's too old for most people to recognize anymore.

I love your intuitive, smart question at the end! Good point!

-Paris Insider

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