Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phish fans apparently do have more money than sense. A lot more.

Let's take this news from Hampton police unquestioningly, at face value. After all, the Daily Press has:

HAMPTON - Police confiscated $1.2 million worth of illegal drugs and more than $68,000 in cash from concertgoers arrested over three nights of Phish shows.

There were 194 concertgoers and others in the area of Hampton Coliseum charged with various misdemeanor and felony offenses — mostly possessing, using and selling drugs. Some faced multiple counts, for a total of 245 charges in all.

Of course they seized USD1.2million worth of drugs. If the police say that, then that's what they did. However ridiculous that figure might make the police sound.

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danbutt said...

Excellent - so on average, each person arrested was carrying over $6,000 worth of drugs. Sure. (I guess the more they confiscated, the less the available supply, so the higher the street price. Maybe there was just one very pissed off dotcom billionaire who was willing to pay a million bucks for some pot.)

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