Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Darkness at 3AM: First with the news

This morning, the 3AMies bring intelligence from New York:

CAN U2 get any [sic]


Can U2 get any bigger?

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday temporarily renamed a block-long stretch of Manhattan's West 53rd Street in honour of the Irish rockers' new album.

We kid you not, the street will now be called U2 Way for a whole week.

U2 way over the top if you ask us...

A wonderful story - alright, it's not - and in no way undermined by being seven days out-of-date. Coming tomorrow: U2 to play secret gig on top of Broadcasting House.

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James said...

Maybe we're being a little harsh here. Perhaps the 3AMs, having realised that their newspaper column has no hope of keeping up with the internet, text alerts etc, are cleverly providing a kind of timeshift service, like the Channel 4+1 of the gossip world. Missed some irrelevant showbiz piffle first time round? Catch it one hour* later in 3am!


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