Friday, April 10, 2009

Darkness at 3AM: Oh my God, you killed journalism. You bastards.

There's a warning from 3AM today:

Joke around with Kanye West at your peril...

Really? Why, 3AM Girls?
In Wednesday's episode of South Park, entitled Fishsticks, a cartoon Kanye tells David Letterman and Jay Leno: "I am not gay! And I'm not a fish!"

Then, incensed at being the butt of the show's joke, the 31-year-old rapper beats comedian Carlos Mencia to death with a baseball bat. Ouch!

So... you're saying we should be careful making sport of Kanye West because of something a cartoon version of him did? You're actually saying that, are you?

And... if I just take a step back... you're running a news item which is effectively something that happened in a cartoon on US TV?

Trinity Mirror staff who are currently facing compulsory redundancy will be delighted to see exactly where the savings made by throwing them out of work are being spent.

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