Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Darkness at 3AM: They're Moyles better. Apparently.

The 3AM Girls have a little poke at Gordon, although not by name, for that's not how things are done:

Chris Moyles gave our dismal rival both barrels after yet another front page fiction, this time that the DJ was being dumped from Radio 1.

"He was told it was not true and he ran it anyway," said Moyles. "He says I am going after reports that I am too old. Reports made up by the same newspaper!" Ouch!"

Actually, isn't the 'Moyles is too old' thing more a Guardian obsession at the moment?


Jim W said...

I'm not sure which is better... the nutty Moyles rant against News Int (has someone made a 'Downfall' video out of the transcript yet?) or the top link on the 'yoof' Breakfast Show webpage:

Does Comedy Dave look like Schubert?

Fun said...

amazing blog, what about link exchange with me?


if interested, just let me know via comment, i will add you in 24 hours ;)


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