Thursday, April 02, 2009

Flo Rida explains economics

Flo Rida - I wonder if he's regretting that stupid name yet? - explains why he thinks people are happy to pay for music:

Flo Rida [...] says most of his fans realise download prices are a fair deal.

"As an artist, we have to pay for things like studio time and if we traded those costs, they'd probably be paying a lot more," he says.

"They're probably in a better position when they buy an album rather than pay directly for my studio time which is about $150 (£105) an hour."

Well, yes... it is cheaper to spread the costs of production over a large number of people than for one person to pay the whole lot up front.

Similarly, most people would rather buy a loaf of bread rather than buy a bakery. And last night in Boots, the bloke in front of me in the queue decided to pay a few of quid for a prescription, rather than stump up for the entire costs of the drug company's research and development work producing the palliative.

It does miss the point quite a bit, but you can't deny that Aunt Flo is right.

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Frozen Atlantic said...

Whoops, sorry, is this the same fucktard who rapped over Blue (Da Ba Dee)?

Yeeeah, not listening to his advice on microeconomics... or music... or coming up with stage names... or... well you get the picture.

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