Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gordon in the morning: More good news

After having teased us with the made-up claims that Chris Moyles was about to be dropped, now Gordon toys with our emotions again, claiming there's going to be a five year gap until the next Oasis album.

Five years. Oh, if only.

Noel, apparently, has had enough of Liam. He's rude and arrogant, it turns out. Who knew?

Still, this huge scoop must prove the value of Gordon having gone down to watch Noel recording the radio programme with Russell Brand at the weekend, right? That is where the scoop came from, isn't it, Gordon? You got the big story when hanging out with Noelie and Russelling?

In an interview with Q Magazine, Noel continued...

Ah, so you were having your awkward photos taken with Noel a few days ago, and yet you're relying on actual journalists writing up proper stories to find out what's on his mind.

Meanwhile, I'm indebted (as is so often the case) to James P for bringing the delight of Gordon's magic voice from yesterday's SunTalk's play radio station. Curiously, Jon Gaunt and Gordon both seem to have forgotten Simon Rothstein's role in the Chris Moyles axing story altogether. Mind you, Jon Gaunt seems to have also forgotten how to present a radio station.

Gordon suggests that, with Moyles gone, Radio One will be looking for "a younger predecessor" - not quite sure how that's going to work - before suggesting, with a straight face, that Nick Grimshaw could be the natural choice.

Still, kudos to Gordon, turning up on the first day of the Sun's expensive foray into internet radio, and happily telling the host that people might have iPods and suchlike, but you can't really beat (broadcast) radio as a medium. It's a bit like turning up to a christening party and saying "well, it's certainly got his father's nose, but they can do wonders with plastic surgery these days."

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James said...

Nice to finally put a voice to a face, isn't it? And following Moyles' comprehensive 12-minute attack on his story earlier that day (including a claim that Gordon had been told by two BBC sources, including the Press Office, that there was no truth in the rumour but chose to print the story anyway - Pretty much the exact same thing that happened a few weeks ago with his 'Pete Doherty To Write BBC Series' story), you have to admire the masterful way in which Gordon responded. By repeating the story, but with even less detail.

I liked his assertion that "Chris will host the show until September. He'll leave after that". At least he's got the exclusive on 'DJ Will Continue In Current Job For At Least Five More Months, But Definitely Not Beyond Eventual Implosion of Universe'

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