Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Guten abend: YouTube pulls German videos

There is some soothing balm for the PRS in the news that Google and GEMA have failed to reach a royalty agreement: GEMA's demands are 50% higher than PRS are looking for, which does at least mean that the PRS is no longer the organisation with the slimmest grasp on what online music is really worth.

As in the UK, music videos are now being switched off all across


Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure I even remotely understand what it that PRS, GEMA, etc. hope to achieve with this. Isn't it about time that the artists they are supposed to be representing got together and got rid of them? I mean all they seem to be good at doing is finding new ways to make it harder for artists to promote themselves.

If these collection societies are so concerned that the artists aren't getting a fair deal or the profits they deserve and are intent on convincing people that it is Google who are at fault here then why don't they set up their own site? Really. I don't see anything stopping them. Seriously, if they honestly want us to believe them then why don't they set up a site and show us all how easy it would be for Google to give the artists they represent money. Actually I think Google should stick a bloody great notice on the YouTube home page challenging these people in a far more articulate manner than I can.

James said...

Love the idea. The more I read about the PRS battle, the more I'm convinced they assume YouTube is run by the Underpant Gnomes from South Park.

"Step 1: Put pop videos on website. Step 2: *shrugs* Step 3: Profit!"

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