Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Seeqpod hides

Seeqpod was - and is - a brilliant idea. A playable searchengine, which lets you find music online, and listen to it in situ. Connecting fans and the curious with artists and product. Wonderful, right?

Ah, but what happens when someone has a brilliant musical idea on the internet? The increasingly Kurtz-like music industry attempts to have it destroyed. And so it is, with the Warners lawsuit forcing Seeqpod into protective bankruptcy and, it looks likely, rapid closure.

Well done, everybody: you've done nothing to make your industry any more secure, but done a little bit more to frustrate your audiences.

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Francis said...

Not all bad - seeqpod was responsible for maxing out my bandwidth for the month in the space of a day when it added a track I'd blogged to it's catalog. I only discovered this after the event, and after I'd stumped up to increase my bandwidth and got my server back!

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