Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Iggy Pop isn't selling car insurance. Not any more.

The ASA has banned Iggy Pop from advertising SwiftCover car insurance. Not because they want to save him from himself, but because Swiftcover don't cover musicians:

Because the policy was promoted by a well-known musician, which might lead some viewers to believe the policy covered those who worked in entertainment, when it did not, and because Iggy Pop did not have a policy with Swiftcover, we concluded the ad was misleading.

Interesting - so it's unacceptable for an insurance advert to feature an entertainer who would be ineligible for that product? I wonder if that ruling will affect anyone else?

Calm down, dear... it's just the ASA...

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Olive said...

To the 12 people who complained- I hate to break it to you, but those chimps don't actually have a piano moving business. Oh, and the boss of the Velvet toilet paper company isn't a 3 year old boy.

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