Friday, April 03, 2009

The PRS: Everything they do, they do for the musicians

The PRS - who are taking on the evil, fire-breathing Google - like to make great play about how they're non-profit, only covering costs and passing everything else on to their members.

Can anyone from PRS explain how, if you're, say, the bassist in a small band from Bolton, it helps for the PRS to spend a chunk of the money they've collected in your name on sponsoring television programmes on Sky Arts?

They've sprung to sponsor the Songbook series. Now, I'm sure that it's not an expensive deal, but if I was the bassist from Liquid Greek, I'd be pretty keen to know what the logic behind the deal is. Unless, you know, it's about bolstering the PRS' image and position in case there's any attempt to create a European wide royalties agency which actually thinks about its members when it spends money?