Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kaisers deny being dumped

Dan Wootton was claiming in today's News Of The World that the Kaiser Chiefs have been dropped.

The Kaiser Chiefs have reassured their fans that it isn't the case, and once both of them were happy, they got in touch with the NME:

However, a spokesman for the band told NME.COM there is "no contractual change to report".

"The band has two records left to run on an existing contract," he said. "Kaiser Chiefs will take their first break in six years at the end of the summer. As with many successful artists, the band is considering creative options to improve the way their music reaches people ahead of their forth album."

To be fair, Wootton never quite claimed they'd been dropped, just merely that band and label were going their separate ways, and the PR statement sounds slightly woolly. Come to that, was the stress on "many" or "successful" in that second sentence?