Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rock Ness: Police adopt fish-in-barrel approach

Actually, by the standard measure of 'boosting clean-up rates by nabbing kids with bags of blow', the police operation at Rock Ness has been a bit of a flop, with only eight collars. But Northern Constabulary seem happy enough:

Chief Superintendent Andy Cowie said: "We are very happy with how the event is going so far with the crowd in good humour and engaging well with our officers on the ground.

"Our intelligence led, proactive approach to drug dealing at the festival has already led to eight people being intercepted both enroute to the festival and within the event, and they have been reported to the procurator fiscal."

"Intelligence-led"? Presumably someone going "hey, I bet some people will turn up at a rock festival with a bit more than personal use levels of drucks" now constitutes a major piece of intelligence.