Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Twittergem: Hjasnoch

Bit like Suede and Richard Oakes isn't it? "Smashing Pumpkins to hire a 19-year-old drummer?" link

- @hjasnoch


Anonymous said...

If the Pumpkins as well go on to write something worthy of "By The Sea" - by all means fair play to them...then again, given Corgan's current state, not sure how likely that is?

Anonymous said...

I guess that the big difference here would be that Oakes actually had some influence in the band. I'm guessing that the new Pumpkins fellow didn't think and just answered "yes" when the first interview question was something along the lines of "Are you willing to obey me unquestionably as the one true god over all men?" The worst thing Oakes had to worry about was that there was a frightening chance that one day he might have mimic his predecessor in all things and produce some awful Dusty Springfield wannabe! (Actually, out of interest, what exactly does Oakes do these days? I'm not afraid to admit that I liked Coming Up and Head Music so I guess I'm actually interested. Hmm... must remember to look it up)

Chris Brown said...

2nd anon - I thought that too, but apparently Brett Anderson wrote 'By The Sea' all on his own.

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