Sunday, June 07, 2009

Woot-ton: It takes a village

Despite the terribly thin nature of Dan Wootton's Celeb XS, it's now apparently got two other chaps helping Dan fill it out. Simon Freeman and Simon 'presumably not the Simon Ward' Ward are helping Dan come up with stuff like this, on Victoria Beckham's acting aspirations:

She's clearly a Shakespeare fan if the name of her six-year-old son Romeo is anything to go by.

Ye-e-es. I'm not sure that 'the name of a child' is going to be much of an indication that she's going to be hoping for a crack at The Tempest.

Still, Dan and Simon and Simon have excelled themselves at getting their "art guys" to mock up how Beckham might look at acting:

Rupert Murdoch desperately wants to put quality like this behind a paywall, you know.


Andrew said...

I thought the fact that the Beckhams called their son Romeo was proof that they were ignorant of Shakespeare and of the fact that Romeo was a teenager who angsted a lot and died a virgin, rather than some great triumphant love-man (as people who just know the name might assume).

Laura Brown said...

Um, Romeo didn't die a virgin. He and Juliet were secretly married by Friar Laurence and consummated the marriage the night before Romeo was exiled from Verona. We even had to get permission from our parents to watch the Franco Zeffirelli film in school because of the brief nude scene.

(Ours was the only class where no parents objected and thus the only one that got to see it. This was in West Virginia in the late '80s; meanwhile, over in London, my husband's English class watched Roman Polanski's film of Macbeth without anyone bothering to ask what the parents thought. But I digress.)

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