Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Casablancas alone

In a world not exactly desperately waiting for a new Strokes album, news reaches us that causes a wobble:

Good morning,

I wanted to let you know that Julian Casablancas is readying his solo debut, Phrazes for the Young, scheduled for release this fall on Cult Records/RCA. Casablancas plans to announce a special series of U.S. dates shortly, to be followed by a solo tour later in the year.

There's a photo too - or a picture, or... well:

Uh... yes. The image is by Williams + Hirakawa. Yes.

It's due for release in the autumn, so expect a late-summer leak followed by a scrabbled-forward release date.

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Ginsoakedboy21 said...

Can I be the person to say that I actually am waiting for a new Strokes record? Not because I bought into the hype of their first (rubbish) record, but because the three singles of their last album were solid pop gold, every single one of them.

Juicebox / Heart in a cage / You only live once = genius, all three.


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