Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twittergem: Puff Daddy

Oh, @iamdiddy, tell us what you're doing, for WE MUST KNOW. Are you eating breakfast? Are you watching television? Are you on your way to somewhere you might eat breakfast?

Makin history! What are you doin?

What am I doing? Funny you should ask, Diddy, I'm making the universally recognised hand-gesture for 'wanker'.

Daddy's Twitter account has a little symbol on it which says "verified account", which presumably means someone at Twitter has convinced themselves that the Daddy who Tweets is the same Daddy who... what is his job these days? You can see why they might want to provide this service, but it does run the risk of creating all sorts of philosophical crises down the line. If, for example, Britney Spears employs someone to Tweet on her behalf, can the account be said to be "verified"? My Twitter feed is, genuinely, mine - should I not be verified as genuine? Or does verification only count if you're famous for something?