Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did It Leak shows how leaky the supposedly anti-leak music industry is. In real time.

If Pirate Bay is so bad the music industry must crush it for telling people they can find records on torrents, where does that leave @diditleak, a twitter stream of breaking leaking record news?

Presumably the BPI-RIAA won't be keen to close this one down, given that the early leaks of most of the records there point fingers not at EVIL FANS but, erm, the people who work for labels doing the leaking.


Eric2 said...

So I'm guessing instead of having Ye Olde Compact Disk Release Partye we should just let it slip that 'some vermin hath leaked our record?'

Simon Thornton said...

I'll give it a year before there's a 'leak chart'. so records can then go from the leak chart, to the download chart, and then finally the physical chart.

Anonymous said...

Did it leak is now defunct.

I have just started www.leaksallday.com to pick up where he left off. Please visit and support us. We will be rapidly growing in the coming weeks.

Leaks All Day
The Definitive Source for Album Leaks

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