Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shrinking Borders

Bad news from Borders, with the UK version of the CD and book store announcing store closures:

Borders announced yesterday that leases for five stores, Blanchardstown in Dublin, Llantrisant, London Colney, Oxford Street, and Swindon have been sold to the fashion retailer, New Look. It is unclear when the stores will finally close or how many staff will be affected.

It's possibly a sign that Borders is planning to concentrate on its out-of-town locations by freeing up town centre leases that have other potential takers. Or possibly the first shutterings of a long, slow decline.


NerysX said...

The Swindon Borders is an out-of-town store. In fact, despite Swindon being my closest main shopping town for the last six years, I've never managed to find it.

brown suits said...

How they got out of store? This is very bad thing for the borders.

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