Friday, July 17, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Just a Little Strange

It's not altogether impossible that JLS somehow accidentally left "a CD and a memory stick" with new tracks on a train.

It's not completely beyond the realms of possibility that someone would discover the stuff and listen to it.

It's not entirely unlikely that that person would assume that there was something significant about the music.

It's not absolutely against nature that the finder would contact the showbusiness desk of The Sun rather than, say, the railway lost property office or the police.

It's not definitively unthinkable that Gordon Smart would be able to identify new material by JLS from hearing "a snippet".

But, as a quiet news day is padded out with a story about Smart returning the lost material to JLS, the whole thing seems about as plausible as a UFO full of ghosts.

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Olive said...

Taking the story at face value, it can't have taken even the crack investigative journos at The Sun too long to work out who was responsible for tracks called JLS-4-1 and JLS Lady.

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