Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thumbs Aloft meets the Great Big Eye

David Letterman played host to Paul McCartney last night. This is considered to be something of a coup, and while you can see it might be a bit more interesting than Jamie Cullum on Michael Parkinson, there's still a bit of me that wants to check it wasn't a rebroadcast of programming from the day the Apollo guys headed off for the moon.

Anyway, if Paul McCartney is your sort of thing, you'll be delighted to hear that you can watch an extended Macca on Letterman set on the CBS site. Even if you're not in America.


Anonymous said...

"if Paul McCartney is your sort of thing"

You know it's a funny thing. I really like Paul McCartney's music (even We All Stand Together but not Ebony and Ivory) but he's just one of those people who I never have any interest in hearing outside of that. He really is just that boring. Of course, this is nothing like Jamie Cullum who is just irredeemably shite. Is he even still around?

James said...

Funny you should say that - I don't think I've seen Cullum since Parkinson left our screens*. Or Katie Melua. It's like the opposite of Clark Kent/Superman - Your only ever see them together.

* I say 'left our screens'; He wasn't really *on* my screen to begin with. Somehow I always resisted the temptation of spending Saturday night watching interviews with two C-list actors and a comedian who all happened to have ITV series starting that week, plus music from one of the artists on 'Aimless Yet Irritating Dinner-Party Jazz Vol. 3'. He was loads better on Give Us A Clue.

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