Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dylan dumps digital duo

In a desperate bid to shore up his reputation as the world's grumpiest man, Bob Dylan has had his music tugged off from We7 and Spotify:

Clive Gardiner, we7’s digital music SVP, [told Music Ally]: “We took it off the site a few days ago. Spotify would have had the same instruction. But it may be a short listing and it may come back again.

“There are some artists that will take umbrage at this from time to time. We expect this sort of thing, especially with streaming, and it not being fully understood where it sits yet. “

It's not entirely surprising that Bob Dylan - a man who you suspect still doggedly gets up off the sofa and walks to the TV to change channels - is having trouble coming to terms with streaming, and just how different the figures are. Still, you'd have thought someone might have explained that choking off legal supply when there's still a demand isn't exactly a sensible financial approach, either.

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