Tuesday, August 18, 2009

QTrax adds to pile of woe; needs more woe storage

QTrax - or the download service that still says it can - has got more problems as it struggles towards making its January 2008 launch date. Adding to a lawsuit filed against it last week by Oracle are two further lawsuits claiming QTrax owes money.

The Oracle lawsuit is especially bitter, as not only do they say QTRax owe them money, but also allege that QTrax has violated Oracle copyrights. Which isn't the greatest thing for a legal music service to have hanging round its neck.

QTrax claims that it's just about to get hold of some cash which will allow it to pay off these people:

Qtrax CEO Allan Klepfisz said Friday that the start-up has secured some funding and is close to putting its money problems behind it, but acknowledged that management has had trouble at times paying bills. He also argued that a start-up with financial problems isn't news.

Perhaps the people from the CNET news site asking him questions about his start-up and their problems with money should have been a clue to Klefisz that, actually, it is news.

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