Friday, August 14, 2009

Falls can be serious when you're Steve Tyler's age

That tumble that Steve Tyler took off the stage during an Aerosmith gig last week looks to be more serious than anyone might have thought: the band have just pulled the rest of their tour.

There's a statement:

"Due to injuries Steven Tyler sustained last week when he fell from the stage during a concert in Sturgis, South Dakota, doctors have advised the lead singer to take the time to properly recuperate from the accident that resulted in a broken shoulder and stitches to his head."

Tyler is being asked to wear one of those big red buttons which hang round your neck from now on. Just in case.


M.C. Glammer said...

I believe the same thing happened to Thora Hird.

simon h b said...

"there's a cracker under the front row seats in the luxury box..."

Anonymous said...

Makes sense, half the band is on injured reserved, head injury, throat cancer, and steven infamous crash landing...all kidding aside hope the boys get well...

I thought this may happen and I do hope I get my money back!

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