Sunday, August 23, 2009

Griffin done... the V festival again

Zoe Griffin hails the genius of Lily Allen:

Leggy Lily Allen brilliantly combines old stuff (LDN) with new (22) at V Festival.

Brilliant! Wherever did she get the idea for playing some of the old stuff everyone likes with some of the new stuff nobody's as keen on, eh? Let's hope Allen is smart enough to patent that brilliant idea. But she will be because she's brilliant, isn't she? Brilliant.

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Adam Macqueen said...

Zoe Griffin's blog is currently making me happier than anything else on the internet. It's the combination of that "a bit simple" smile in the photo of her next to a municipal lido, combined with the apparently sincerely-typed sentence "I am the UK's coolest party girl". It makes me want to pat her on the head and buy her an ice cream...

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