Monday, August 17, 2009

How about 'don't use focus groups' as a bold move for the future, NME?

The NME will swap food for ideas:

NME is looking for feedback on the magazine through focus group sessions in August and September.

The sessions will take place between 7pm (BST) and 9pm on a series of dates at NME's offices in Southwark, south London.

We're looking for NME readers, music fans and especially non-regular readers to get involved. Food and drink will be provided at the sessions.

"Now, thinking about Kasabian: should the NME do a little more about Kasabian; a lot more about Kasabian; or, given that we seem convinced that there's an audience out there who are interested in them, should we just fill up the bits we haven't dumped over with Oasis and Kings Of Leon by stuffing those slots with Kasabian?"

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bea said...

Hmm, loving the fact that they are looking for participation from both NME readers *and* music fans...

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