Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jim Kerr: I won't forget about you

Having admitted that, effectively, he made Simple Minds in the states, Jim Kerr has offered a few words on the death of John Hughes:

“When we perform ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ on the forthcoming tour, we’ll be thinking about John Hughes and how his enthusiasm for the sound of Simple Minds made us go the extra mile when we recorded it back in 1984. Everyone was hell bent on making a classic piece of pop rock, but little did we know the kind of longevity the film would have on generations to come. The Breakfast Club helped us kick the door down, and once there, no one could ever lock us out or tell us again what it felt like to be No.1 in America.”

Is it just me or does that end a little bit oddly? "Now we've been number one, nobody can tell us what it feels like"? But you could, couldn't you? "It feels totally different now, you know, as there's a sense of underwhelming disappointment, Mr. Kerr."