Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rock sick list: Slipk-not well

Slipknot fans were left wailing "it's sooooo unfair" (so, no change there, then) as last night's gig was pulled. Blabbermouth explains:

SLIPKNOT was forced to cancel its headlining appearance last night (Saturday, August 22) at Seattle radio station KISW 99.9 FM's Pain in the Grass 2009 event in Auburn, Washington as drummer Joey Jordison had to be taken to the hospital for health reasons.

Taken to hospital for health reasons, you say? That would make the most sense. If you're taken to hospital for being on fire reasons, they usually send you elsewhere. And it's rubbish being taken to hospital for reasons relating to the need to renegotiate your deal on a unit trust.

Can you imagine turning up at hospital as one of Slipknot?
- Can you help me? I'm sick
- I know you are, sir, I've seen the cover art for your records