Sunday, August 23, 2009

Griffin done... the V festival

Zoe Griffin has gone to the V Festival - happily, she doesn't bother to mention which of the two locations she's at. And it's a triumph for her journalistic and organisational skills:

I caught an intimate gig by Melbourne rockers Jet in the Absolute Radio VIP area almost by accident - but I loved the Are You Going to Be My Girl group.

The Absolute Radio VIP area is the only place in the festival to catch live music, but I have to confess I only discovered that when I had tried all the free stuff in the other VIP area.

I suspect she means "it's the only place" in the sense of "daaahling, it's the only place one would go", but there is a real possibility that she's spent so long hanging round the free bar she hasn't noticed that there are a load of other stages with bands playing on them.

Still, nice to see that she views these events as a chance to freeload as much as humanely possible.
Jet played an acoustic set to a chilled out crowd including Girls Aloud’s Kimberly Walsh (as the Absolute radio area is the place to go when you don’t want people to hassle you). Wish I’d found the space earlier as there were hammocks to chill in!

It must be nice that Zoe has found a place where she won't be hassled, isn't it?

And how delightful for the suckers who paid the £130 to get in to discover that the best sets are being played in a roped-off area they can't get to. Perhaps next year they could print a note on each ticket showing what proportion of the price is going towards funding the likes of Griffin's jollies.

[UPDATE: To be fair to Zoe, there turns out to be a stream of posts of badly-taken pictures of her with people who were famous-ish in the past, and she does reveal she's at Essex in those.]